Army Breakdown: The British (Part One)

Over the course of this blog I would like to do an overall analysis of all of the major forces in Flames of War.  I thought the best place to start for myself would be my first and most played army, the British.


  • -Some of the best universal special rules in the game
  • -High platoon count with trained list and even some veteran forces.
  • -Large amounts of firepower
  • -A plethora of different lists due to the various commonwealth forces
  • -Best western allied anti tank
  • -Heavy infantry tanks (crocodiles anyone)


  • -Mediocre main battle tanks
  • -Lack of really effective squad based anti tank
  • -Can have heavy armor or good main gun but never both
  • -Has a potentially steep learning curve in late war
  • -No true mechanized list to speak of

These are by no means all of the characteristics of the British in late war, but I feel the points listed above are the main issues to think about if one wishes to play the British.  The next article will go into greater detail concerning what makes up the various strengths and weaknesses of the different lists ie. Armor, Motorized and Rifle Companies.


About aquarius1715

29 year who has a love of history and political science (my areas of study at school), PC and table top Gaming as well as having good conversations with friends and family.
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