Army Breakdown: The Germans

The Germans are probally the most played nation in FoW of the combantant nations.  Due to the historical popularity of their armed forces (the Wehrmacht) and their many famous fighting vehicals it is no suprise that many a new wargamer flock first to the forces of the German Riech.  Having been a long time WW2 history buff before getting into FoW I myself was not immune to these enticments.  As my favorite WW2 campaign at the time was the battle for Normandy (post D-Day) FoW offered my brother and I an easy in.  I picked up the Germans with the intent of running a SS-Panzer Division while he choose the British, wanting to run a Canadian force.  In this intial post I will go over some of the basic strengths and weakness of the German forces in the Late War period of FoW.


  • The most army lists by far of any nation.  Every new book has German army lists in it, while usally only 1 of the allied armies are present.
  • High percentage of lists are for veteran forces
  • Heaviest tanks and anti-tank forces in the game, nobody is going to “out-heavy” your armour if you so choose
  • Widest array of vehicals, guns, and infantry types in the game
  • Great special rules for keeping you platoons mobile and battle effective
  • The army favours an agressive playstyle for those who like to take the inititive


  • Costs, Costs, Costs.  Base for base German platoons are going to be more expensive across the board.
  • In most cases German forces will have lower platoon counts than their opponents, leaving less room for errors in game.
  • While certain platoons have great individual firepower, the German army is not going to be able to reliably blast their opponents off the board
  • Relating to the post above, the Germans have the weakest artillery in the game.  Its not supported by any special rules and is generally quite pricey.  This is not to imply that it is ineffective merely that it serves a different purpose in the German army as compared to Allied arty.
  • Motivation of German platoons can not generally be modified by any special rules in game.  While the Germans have access to some of the most elite and motivated lists in the game (Waffen-SS companies) they are also tremendously expensive.  Your average German list is going to be Confident and your platoons will have to rely on a 4+ roll for leadership test with very few opportunites for rerolls.

While not exhastive, these points highlight the main strengths and weakness of the German army in late war.  These are going to be biased based on my playstyle and opponents but I feel they do an adequete job of introducing the Germans.  In follow up articles I will go into more indepth looks into German lists and units.


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