Commonwealth Force: The Canadians

“The Canadians are the best troops Montgomery has, and they’re American!”  -Patton

Outside military history circles or war gaming groups,  it can come as some surprise that the Canadians played a significant role in the Western Front of the Second World War and especially in the Normandy campaign.  The Canadians represnted some of the best commonwelath troops Great Britian could put in the field and almost always completed thier operational objectives.

I have always had a great deal of interest in the Canadians in the Second World War and thus they are the main list I play with in Flames of War.  When asked what nation I play in FOW I usually respond with “Canada”, often creating puzzled looks or chuckles.  The Canadians in FOW are no laughing matter, however, and represent an aggressive and offensive oriented variation of the main British list.

Canadian Special Rules: The Canadians are first and foremost a British list with additional rules added to give them a more unique feel and play style.  As a result the Canadians follow all of the British universals special rules and organization except “British Bulldog”.  Though the loss of bulldog may seem like a big negative for the list, it is overcome by the offensive oriented rules the Canadians gain in its place. Instead the list gains the “Assault Troops” rule which allows any Canadian Platoon that is Pinned Down to re-roll failed Motivation tests to rally from being Pinned Down or remount vehicles after being Bailed Out.  This rule is essential in keeping a Canadian force moving forward on the offensive and basically gives all platoons a company commander for purposes of un-pinning themselves.  The assault troops rule also has other uses that are often passed up, such as ensuring your Royal Canadian Artillery batteries are always ready to fire and unpinned. The ability to re-roll motivation checks for bailed vehicles is also an exceptionally helpful rule for keeping your already small armor platoons in the fight.  Such a rule gives Canadian armor protected ammo for all intensive purposes.  This is especially important since the Canadians can not take Cromwells (who have protected ammo) allowing the Canadian Sherman tank to be that much more effective.

“Woodsmen” is the next special rule for the Canadians and represents the armies heritage of being in the backwaters of the Canadian wilderness and thus taking independent action.  As a result of this rule, all Canadian units gain the German “Mission Tactics” rule.  Therefore all Canadian platoons apon losing their command team may automatically appoint a new one from any unit of the same type that is in command distance and is part of the same platoon. This rule also ensures that Canadian platoons are always kept in the fight and are ready to move forward with the offensive, or maintain a long term and solid defense.

List Specific Canadian Rules:

3rd Canadian infantry division- “Dead Men Walking”: Company commanders may re-roll the first failed company moral check they are forced to take.

4th Canadian Armored Division (Reece Squadron, Armored Squadron and Lorried Rifles)- Tip of the spear: Must always be the attacker in any game that uses the “defensive battle” rule.

Conclusion: Overall the Canadians represent a much more aggressive based army for the British Commonwealth and have a set of good rules to keep all of their platoons moving or in the fight.  Almost all of the Canadian lists are confident/Trained as well, allowing for a large amount of platoons and bases to attack your enemy with.  When combined with the 3rd Canadian infantry division rule of “Dead Men Walking” the Canadians will be a force that will defiantly stick around on the table until they have destroyed the enemy or been destroyed themselves.


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