Army Breakdown: The Americans (Overview)

The late war American forces are a great place for gamers, new to Flames of war, to start. Here are their strengths and weaknesses.


  • Cheap Units: You wont out swarm a Russian list, but you wont have their drawbacks either.
  • Strong Mechanized List: No one can out half track you.
  • Good Artillery Rules: Your artillery will be ready to punish your opponent if they make a mistake versus you.


  • No heavy armor to speak of what-so-ever: Your heaviest tank will be a Sherman-76mm, which is a medium tank. So you must be very wary of enemy anti-tank.
  • difficulty in dealing with heavy armor: Your heaviest anti-tank is bogged down by unnecessary rules which, more often than not, hurt you. Add to that, your heaviest Anti-tank guns only hit 1 point harder than German medium guns, often spelling certain disaster versus tigers. You will find yourself putting a lot of hopes and prayers into unreliable bazookas when the game is on the line.

You will notice that these lists are rather brief; that is because the Americans are very middle of the road. There are soo many options available to an American player that it allows the player to develop a list and play style that can be uniquely their own. You want a massive footslogging list, you got it. You want tanks swarming the table, you got it. You want enough artillery to make your opponent cry, you got it! Your only limitations in an American force are your inability to take heavy armor and your frustration at trying to kill heavy armor.


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