Hermann Göring Panzergrenadierkompanie

The Hermann Göring Fallschirmpanzerdivision from the Dogs & Devils book provides several unique lists for a German player in Late War. 

  1. A full Panzer III M companie can be fielded, the only one of its kind in Late War.  While not a great tank at this stage of the game, 18 of them can be put down for less than 1400 pts. 
  2. The Schwere Aufklarungsschwadron (Heavy Reconnaissance Companie) has Wespes as a core combat platoon and allows a German player to run an interesting mix of motorised infantry and guns with multiple armoured car patrols. 
  3. The Grenadier Companie is the first to make available Panthers for the standard German infantry list. 

The support options are outstanding in this book.  Tigers, Panthers, Brummbärs, Elephants and Hornisses are all available, meeting the heavy armour and firepower requirements of any German player.  There are also several interesting Italian assault guns and Paratrooper forces to choose from, meaning that there is something for everyone in Dogs & Devils.  As the title of the article implies, I will be providing my 1750 pt Hermann Göring Panzergrenadier kompanie.  This force is rated Confident Veteran and is an Infantry Company.  I will do a points breakdown and analyze what I believe are the strengths and weakness of this force.

  • Company HQ w/ 2 Panzerknackers                                                                               55 pts.
  • HG Panzergrenadier Platoon – 3 Squads w/Panzerknacker                                    220 pts.
  • HG Panzergrenadier Platoon – 3 Squads w/Panzerknacker                                    220 pts.
  • HG Anti-tank gun Platoon – 3 7.5 cm PaK 40                                                            180 pts.
  • HG Panzer Platoon – 3 Panzer III M w/ concertina wire                                         255 pts.
  • Assault Tank Platoon – 4 Brummbärs                                                                         280 pts.
  • Paracadutisti Platoon – 2 Squads w/Panzerknacker                                                 130 pts.
  • HG Heavy Panzerspah Platoon – 2 Patrols                                                                 180 pts.
  • HG Motorized Artillery Batterie – 4 10.5 cm leFH18                                               230 pts.
  • Total Points                                                                                                                    1750 pts.

A special aspect of the Hermann Göring division is its rule set.  The division was an elite formation and its combat experiance provided an elevated esprit de corps among its members.  Because of this, the division benefits from the Elite Troops special rule.  This allows any Hermann Göring Platoon (designated HG) to reroll any failed platoon morale check and allows the Company Commander to reroll company morale checks.  I cannot stress what a huge benefit this rule entails.  As I stated in my Waffen-SS article, German units and companies usually never have the ability to modify their morale situation.  With the Elite Troops rule, HG platoons now have a better chance of sticking around in a fight than do SS-platoons.  Attacks can now continuously be pressed home as attrition becomes more of a factor late in the game.  However, it should be restated that HG platoons are Confident and that as far as counterattacks and unpinning is concerned an unaided 4+ is still required to pass.

If the Panzergrenadiers are mounted in trucks they can benefit from the Motorized Movement special rule.  If the truck is destroyed by a weapon with a 5+ or 6+ firepower rating each team embarked takes a skill check (3+ for Vet. HG platoons).  If passed, the teams exit adjacent to the vehical and are both pinned and “gone to ground”.  This is a useful rule as I consider Panzergrenadiers to be too expensive to risk being destroyed in an unarmoured vehical.  A 5+ passenger save is a poor substitute for a couple extra inches of movement in my opinion.  However Motorized Movement essentially gives your teams back their standard infantry save (3+).  Freed now from the danger of stray shots crippling the platoon, the mobility offered by the trucks can now be more fully exploited.

This HG Panzergrenadierkompanie is designed around the concept of combined arms.  With three infantry platoons, three armoured platoons, and two gun platoons this company should be competent either attacking or defending.  When on the offensive, the Brummbärs, artillery and armoured cars should be able to punch a hole in the enemy line through which the Panzergrenadiers can exploit.  With the Brummbär’s assault cannon having a 1+ firepower check and bunker buster statues, it should not take very long to blast enemy guns and infantry teams into dust.  With its AT value of 13, its also a great short range anti-tank option.  Since both main tank platoons are equiped with schurzen, tank assaults against enemy infantry positions are encouraged. With 21 Veteran infantry bases, there should be enough bodies to sustain an attack against a fortified position.  Combined with the panzergrenadiers benefiting from the Elite Troops rule and the Paracadutisti platoon being Fearless, all 3 of the infantry platoons should be able to hang on even as the losses start piling up.

On the defense, the company is just as potent.  Pak 40s provide a very solid anti-tank defense and panzerknackers are abundant throughout the infantry teams, giving them a decent AT ability in assaults.  The panzergrenadiers being MG teams lets them put out a very respectable amount of fire, and combined with all the machine guns mounted on the armoured vehicals, there is enough small arms fire to shred a Soviet infantry company.  The two armoured car patrols and Panzer IIIs are great firebrigade units as they can move easily around the table providing support where needed.  Also of great help is the concertina wire on the Panzer platoon.  While it is on the tank, the wire allows that Panzer III to act as a pioneer supply vehical, giving every platoon in command range the ability to reroll their “dig in” attempts.  The wire can also be deployed once the game starts meaning a German player can place it precisely where it will cause the most delay to the enemy.  Two 8″ strips of wire are deployed, one on either side of the tank.

This is a very solid list that combines some potent weapons into a company that also puts a high number of platoons down on the table.  This list counts 8 platoons that are deployed, and 9 once the game begins.  Combining heavy, medium and light armour there are enough options to take on most enemy units.  The biggest weakness of this list is its lack of a really heavy long range anti-tank.  IS-2s and Panthers might be a problem, but these are expensive units that can be worked around if neccessary.  In conclusion, the Hermann Göring division is a great addition for German players with its unique lists, great support options, and excellent special rules.  Id encourage any German player to pick it up and check it out.


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