3rd Canadian Infantry Division: Rifle Company

As I explained in a past article, the Canadians are an aggressive and unique option for the British Commonwealth in late war.  The new rifle company list from Turning Tide offers a Canadian player all of the options of a full British rifle company with the benefit of Canadian special rules such as “Dead Men Walking” which allows company commanders to re-roll the first failed company moral check they are forced to take.  My usual list is as follows:


  • Company HQ                                                                              25 pts
  • Rifle Platoon- 3 squads (Captain John Treleaven)               175 pts
  • Rifle Platoon- 3 squads                                                             150 pts
  • Rifle Platoon- 3 squads                                                             150 pts
  • Anti Tank Platoon (6 pdrs)/Loyd carriers – 3 sections       160 pts
  • Carrier Platoon – 2 carrier patrols                                          155 pts
  • Machine Gun Platoon – 1 section/mmg carriers                   80 pts
  • Independent Armored Platoon (3 Shermans/ 1 Firely)      290 pts
  • Breaching Group (4 engineering teams)                                280 pts
  • Assault Field Battery, Royal Artillery – 2 gun troops          260 pts
  • Air Observation Post                                                                25 pts

Total: 1750

The 3rd Canadian rifle company is one of my personal favorites as a result of its ability to place large amounts of platoons and firepower on the table.  I believe the Canadian rifle company is one of the most balanced and potent list that can be fielded in late war and I will explain how I use the above list and what its major strengths are.

The greatest asset that the 3rd Canadian list posses is its ability to be very aggressive while still having the necessary units to provide a layered defense. This is a result of the combined arms approach of the British in general.  The most important element of any rifle company is a core of Rifle platoons.  I always take at least three so I have most, if not all of the table/objectives covered by infantry support.  Many lists waver, especially on the offensive as a result of insufficient infantry support.  At 150 pts, a Canadian rifle platoon is a cheap, solid unit that provides 7 rifle/mg bases with a light mortar and PIAT.

Another unique asset that pertains to this “Turning Tide” list is the ability to take breaching groups.  Breaching groups are special engineering units that can be swapped out for an m-10 platoon, a Sherman platoon, Churchill avre’s and a variety of other engineering units.  This selection is made before deployment and can add a great deal of versatility to the list.  More importantly, any company containing Breaching groups is always required to be the attacker.  This allows me to design an aggressive Canadian company that is ideal for being on the offensive in almost all situations.

Captain John Treleaven is another unique characters for the Canadians and offers a cheap yet reliable motivation modifier.  Treleaven is a platoon commander that is a fearless veteran and allows his own platoon to take motivation checks on a 3+.  Treleaven is also able to take company command checks as if he were the company commander.  This is especially useful if the company commander is killed and allows the company check to be taken on his fearless rating.

On a whole the 3rd Canadian rifle company list above has all major components  that make a competitive list.   The list has reliable and abundant AT, a critical mass of infantry, the ever powerful eight gun royal artillery battery, recee/harassing units , medium armor support and the option to change a platoon on the fly based on the opposition.


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1 Response to 3rd Canadian Infantry Division: Rifle Company

  1. kiwied says:


    Thanks for posting this great list. I am currently thinking of starting to play Flames of War. After some consideration I decided that it would be nice to build the 3rd Canadian Infantry Division. Mainly from a historical and nostalgic point of view because these are the liberators of my old hometown in Holland.

    I’ve read up on most of the rules, but the thing that isn’t clear to me is how you can build an different army than the ones available. It would be great if you can explain how this is done, I would really appreciate that.

    Many thanks,


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