Welcome to the Chow Line, a war gaming blog for gamers by gamers.  My name is Corey; a fledgling college student who has a love for military history and gaming.  The idea for this blog came from the many disucsions I shared with my older brother Christopher about pretty much any topic concerned with table top war gaming.  I decided to take action and start putting our anaysis and conversations out there for the public to read.

Our authors will deal mainly with the tabletop game  Flames of War.  We have been playing Flames of War for about two years and have gained major experience in the playing of the British, American, German, Finnish and Soviet forces in the Late War period.  Our blog, however, will not just consist of Flames of War.  We will also discuss our various experiences in Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy and various other games such as Axis and Allies.

Above all, this blog will consist of  ramblings and analysis of what we find interesting in the world of gaming, history and entertainment.


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